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EvergreenHealth Monroe is a professional workplace in which each individual is highly valued and rewarded for his or her service and commitment to quality health care in a healing environment.

Eligible employees enjoy advantages of a wide range of benefits ranging from financial, to medical and lifestyle benefits that are applicable to singles, couples and families. Your options may vary somewhat depending on your career, and benefits may vary for those covered by union contracts. Specific information will be provided upon employment consideration.

Keeping You Healthy
Medical, Vision and Prescription Insurance I Dental Insurance | Employee Assistance Program

Planning for your Future
Life Insurance I Supplemental Life Insurance | Long-Term Disability I 401(a) Pension Plan I Deferred Compensation Plan

Money in Your Pocket
Dependent Care Spending Account I Health Care Spending Account I Free Parking

Time Away From Work
Annual Leave I Bereavement Leave I Jury Duty I Family Medical Leave Act I Compassion Leave I Personal Leave

Employee Recognitions and Celebrations
Longevity Service Award | Celebrations

Other Benefits
Direct Deposit I Credit Union I Continuing Education

Keeping You Healthy

Medical, Vision and Prescription Insurance
The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) is the agency that purchases and coordinates health insurance benefits for public employees through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) program. All plans include prescription and vision coverage.

Dental Insurance
There are several dental plans from which to choose. Premium coverage for the employee and eligible dependents is paid by EvergreenHealth Monroe.

Employee Assistance Program
Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides EvergreenHealth Monroe employees support when life presents issues and to help our employees stay at their best. Help offered includes: Anxiety and Depression, Child Development, Divorce, Emotional Concerns, Relationships, Terminal Illness and Work Related Problems.

Planning for your Future

Life Insurance
EvergreenHealth Monroe provides a basic life insurance plan, which includes $25,000 Death Benefit (employee), $5,000 AD & D.

Supplemental Life Insurance
Optional supplemental Life Insurance is available at cost to employee.

Long-Term Disability
Basic LTD plan is provided within the employer-provided package. A "buy-up" option is available, at a cost to the employee, for increased LTD coverage.

457 Tax Deferred Compensation and 401(a) Pension Plan
Full-time and part-time employees are eligible to enroll and make contributions to the 457 Tax Deferred Compensation Plan. For eligible employees contributing to the 457, the hospital makes a matching contribution to a 401(a) Pension Plan.

Money in Your Pocket

Dependent Care Spending Account
Employees can set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified child care expenses. EvergreenHealth Monroe pays the cost of administering the plan.

Health Care Spending Account
Employees can set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay out of pocket qualified medical expenses. EvergreenHealth Monroe pays the cost of administering the plan.

Free Parking
EvergreenHealth Monroe provides free parking for its employees.

Time Away From Work

Annual Leave
You begin accruing annual leave on your first day of employment. Some employees are provided Paid Time Off (PTO), which includes paid holidays, and an Extended Illness Bank (EIB) and others receive sick leave benefits. Either way, both groups accrue time off based on length of service and hours worked.

Bereavement Leave
Employees will be granted three days of paid bereavement leave (pro-rated for part-time employees) for the death of an immediate family member. An additional two (2) days (pro-rated for part-time employees) may be granted for travel over 500 miles. Immediate family includes the employee's (step) father, (step) mother, (step) sibling, spouse, (step) child, foster child, grandparent, grandchild, mother-in-law or father-in-law.

Jury Duty
To permit staff members to perform their duties as citizens, employees will be given time to serve on jury duty. The employee will be paid the difference between jury duty pay and his or her base salary pay up to two weeks.

Family Medical Leave Act
Employees who have been employed with EvergreenHealth Monroe for at least one year (12 consecutive months) and who have worked at least 1,250 hours in the prior 12-month period immediately preceding the date a qualifying leave commences are eligible for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). FMLA provides up to 12 weeks of job and benefits protection for the birth or placement of a child for adoption or foster care; the need of the employee to care for a qualifying family member (spouse, parent or dependent child under age 18) with a serious health condition; or the employee's own serious health condition that renders the employee unable to perform the full range of essential functions of his or her job.

Compassion Leave
Employees may donate, on a voluntary basis, part of their Paid Time Off (PTO) to co-workers whose paid leave has been depleted in response to extraordinary circumstances (i.e., severe illness) concerning themselves or immediate family.

Personal Leave
When an employee wished to take a leave of absence for reasons that do not qualify under other types of leave, they may apply for a personal leave of absence.

Employee Recognitions and Celebrations

EvergreenHealth Monroe places significant value on the service, commitment to quality and loyalty of its employees. We recognize that in many ways, including the following:

Longevity Award
EvergreenHealth Monroe recognizes the value of continued employment by honoring employees for their length of service with the hospital. Typically celebrated annually during Hospital Week, the hospital awards pins commemorating years of service.

There are many reasons for celebration and we don't like to let them pass by. EvergreenHealth Monroe believes that camaraderie and enhanced working relationships result when we celebrate together, so we make a regular habit of having a Hospital Week celebration, and many other events throughout the year.

Other Benefits

Direct Deposit
Bi-weekly paychecks are automatically deposited in your bank account.

Credit Union
All employees are eligible to take advantage of membership at Community Healthcare Federal Credit Union.

Continuing Education
Realizing the changing nature of the health care field, EvergreenHealth Monroe supports staff continuing education. The hospital will approve and support, within budgeted funds available.

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